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These tower-style cabinets are designed to house networking equipment and other needs.


Available dimensions:

 48H x 19W x 32D

 70H x 19W x 32D

 78H x 19W x 32D


 80H x 30W x 32D

 84H x 30W x 32D



 Delivered fully assembled

 Modular designed with easy access

 Lockable doors, both front and rear

 Vertical cable channels

 Vented areas for air circulation

 Cooling fan options

 Power strips inside

 Adjustable rails

 Removable sides

 Large holes for cable entry

 Custom stamping/silk-screening

 Powder-coat painted


Other options and customization may be available.


Contact Joyce Edwards at 336.996.5570 or

email joycee@qmf-usa.com for ordering assistance.

Networking Cabinets